If you love to go fishing, it’s important to be well-stocked with the essentials. While rods, reels and hooks are necessary for beginners and experienced fishermen alike, there are a variety of additional items you may need to complete your fishing tackle kit. Whether you’re new to the sport or just looking to upgrade your current set-up, Walmart has everything you need to catch more fish at everyday low prices.

Weighing your catch is essential for a successful trip, and this ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale makes it easy to get accurate weights for your next reel-in. It features a bright backlit LCD screen that’s easy to read, and it can weigh fish up to 99 pounds. It also comes with a 39-inch tape measure so you can efficiently and accurately weigh your fish.

Aside from measuring your catch, it’s always handy to have a few accessories to make the process of cleaning your catch a breeze. This electric fillet knife, for example, can help you cut and clean your fish in a fraction of the time it would take with a manual fillet knife. It’s battery-powered, so it can run for up to 4 hours on a single charge.

Fishing pliers are an important accessory for any fisherman, and these lightweight aluminum pliers from ZACX pack a powerful punch. Their 5.5-inch length makes them easy to store and carry, and their durable spring-loaded pliers and replaceable steel cutters make them a hardy addition to your tackle box or bag. They come with a belt sheath and lanyard for added convenience.

Protecting your eyes from the sun is vital to staying comfortable when kayak fishing accessories, and sunglasses are a great way to do it. A pair of polarized lenses can reduce glare, increase visibility, and keep bugs and water from irritating your eyes. These sunglasses can be expensive, but they’re worth the investment if you want to make sure your eyes stay protected from the sun on your next trip.

Bucket hats are another popular choice for fishermen, with their 360-degree lids that shield them from the sun and its harmful rays. Usually made of heavy-duty cotton, these hats cost between $5 and $30, depending on the manufacturer.

Knives are also a valuable accessory for fisherman, as they can be used to cut through a knotted line or unwedge a fish stuck on the end of a hook. They can also be used to skin and fillet your catch if you’re planning to cook it on the spot or once you return home.

There are a variety of different knives available, and many different brands offer high-quality options. This Rapala Fish N Fillet Knife, for instance, is a full-tang Swedish stainless steel blade with a tapered handle and plenty of flex for handling a wide range of tasks. It’s available in four different blade lengths, and it’s protected by a leather sheath that fits easily on a belt.

Other essential fishing tools include snap swivels, pliers and grippers. A snap swivel can help you keep your lines straight, while a plier can cut and lift off your fish. These tools can be expensive, but they’re essential for every fisherman, so it’s worth the investment to have them on hand.